Marketplace Application




This allows time for the processing of your application and confirmation. If you do not pre-register by Sep 18, please register the day of the event.

Please note the Marketplace is held OUTDOORS. There are no indoor accommodations and you will want to plan for any type of weather. There will be no refunds given. Check-In will be from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Saturday morning. There will be a person available when you arrive to check in. You may occupy the space through 6pm the day of the event. Pre-registered vendors will be assigned a space and a confirmation will be sent to you, so please include your email address.

Fees:  $60/10’ x 20’ Space

If you register by 2pm for next year the day of the event the fee will be $50.00. This will lock you into the same space for the next year. Please see the Event Chair for details.

Fireworks, smoke bombs, snaps, fire arms, silly string and any merchandise with suggestive language or provocative imagery WILL NOT be tolerated. The Red Flannel Marketplace Committee has the right to ask any vendor displaying such merchandise to remove the items in question.

If you would like to request the same space as last year please note on the entry form. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request; however, assignments will be made based on the date your application and payment are received. Please note: If you setup in the incorrect space the Red Flannel Festival reserves the right to ask you to move to the correct space.



Marketplace Online Application Form